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ACTIVE (formerly known as CROWN) 15Kg

Vitalin ACITVE is a nutritionally complete balanced working dog food in an extruded kibble and does not require any additional meat or supplements.

Vitalin ACTIVE is made with tasty chicken, meat & marrowbone, wholesome cereals and vegetables to provide the correct balance of proteins and carbohydrates necessary for an active dog.
Vitalin ACTIVE has the correct balance of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat condition and is fortified with antioxidant vitamins A and E to help boost the immune system. Vitalin ACTIVE has a carefully balanced formulation of all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a happy, healthy, active life.

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Meat & Marrowbone 31%, Wheat, Maize, Oats, Chicken Fat, Chicken Meat Meal, Fish meal, Brewers Yeast, Linseed, Soya, Vitamins & Minerals.

Protein 24%, Oil 10%, Fibre 3%, Ash 7%, Moisture 10.5%, Copper (Cupric Sulphate) 19 mg/kg.
Vitamin A - 15000iu/kg,
Vitamin D3 - 1800iu/kg,
Vitamin E - 70iu/kg.
Vitamin Potency - 12 months from date of manufacture.