Super Pet Little John Mini Hi-Corner Litter Pan

Make daily cleanups easy with the Super Pet Little John Hi-Corner Litter Pan. The low-entry design provides easy access to help encourage potty training in your pet.

Help your little furry pal maintain a clean environment with the Super Pet Little John Hi-Corner Litter Pan. Ideal for pet rats, gerbils, dwarf hamsters and mice, this litter pan features low entry to provide easy access and encourage successful potty training in your pet. The elevated high corner contains messy wastes, while the compact design maximizes valuable cage space. Spend less time on cage maintenance with the easy-to-clean plastic construction of this litter pan.

  • Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, dwarf hamsters and pet mice

  • Makes daily cleanups easy and sanitary while assisting in the potty training of your pet

  • Elevated high corner to accommodate messy pet wastes

  • Low entry provides easy access

  • Compact design conserves cage space to maximize living room

  • Constructed from recyclable plastic material

  • Made in the USA

Available in a 6"L x 5"W x 3"H size

Available in assorted colors

Ref: IN862140

  • Price: 3.50

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