BestPets Fruity Rabbit 15kg

Bestpets Fruity Rabbit Complete Food With Added Fruit 15kg

A complementary muesli mix with added fruit and a selection of high quality ingredients to contribute to a rabbits healthy diet providing the essential fibre, protien, oil and vitamin source.

A rabbit has a very special digestive system, which requires a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, which in turn prevents obesity.

Key Benefits

  • A complementary feed for rabbits.
  • Maintains the rabbits health and fitness.
  • Full of natural goodness.
  • Apple flavoured to aid appetite.

Feeding Guide

A adult rabbit needs between 50 to 75gm of Fruity Rabbit food a day.

Fresh greens, vegetables and fruits such as carrots, apples and dandelion greens must be well washed prior to offering them.

Never offer fresh food direct from the refrigerator.

A daily amount of good clean hay is essential in aiding the rabbits digestion.

Clean drinking water should always be available, either using a water bowl or more hygienically a water bottle.
Water should be ideally changed twice a day.

A good quality earthenware food bowl is essential to keep the food clean and dry. Plastic bowls should be avoided as rabbits can chew or knock them over.

Ref: BP554484


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