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High quality dog food that uses only the finest ingredients and is made without artificial additives, preservatives and flavourings. The Naturediet range is based upon holistic principles and contains only good quality meat, brown rice and vegetables for a natural approach to overall health and digestion.

Dogs naturally thrive on diets that are almost exclusively meat based, with very few carbohydrates. Naturediet menus reproduce the dog’s natural diet to
ensure overall health and well-being. Each menu is nutritionally balanced from only the finest quality natural meats, purchased from approved suppliers and processed to the same standards as those used for human consumption. Naturediet menus are complete, natural, ready to serve, moist meals containing all the essential
vitamins and minerals a dog needs. The aroma and appetising appearance of each meal mirrors home cooking and does not require any other supplementary food unless advised to do so by your veterinary surgeon.

Naturediet menus contain a minimum 60% meat*, which follows the dog’s natural diet
and feeding pattern. All of the vegetables used are fresh human grade. All Naturediet menus benefit from the addition of omega 3 and 6 for coat and skin